About Domenick Tonacchio

Domenick TonacchioDomenick Tonacchio is the owner of Tona Construction and Management, a Brooklyn based firm that is dedicated to preserving Brooklyn’s historic past while helping to shape a better future for the residents in the process. With a focus on offering clean, efficient housing in central activity hubs, Tona Construction is able to over both convenience and beauty to each of its residents and the local community.

Mr. Tonacchio enjoys the constant challenge of solving problems and searching for new ways to evolve as a industry. For Domenick, it is been a pleasure to be in a position where he can look for improvements in construction processes and work to enhance the image of construction overall by promoting professionalism and integrity.

Tona Construction and Management is a strong and dedicated team who is fully engaged, in every way possible. From the strength of the foundation to the most intricate of crown molding details, Domenick Tonacchio and his team are passionate about improving the quality of life for every family that they have the opportunity of working with.